Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Smooth Caramel Finish

The following post was a sensory experience writing assignment for the 7/18/17 Teachers Write writing camp. I also wanted to share it with the inspiring Slice of Life community of writers.

My daughter is studying to become a sommelier. "Sommelier" is simply a fancy word for "wine steward," or, as my daughter explains it in terms even I can understand, a "wine nerd." She truly loves spending hours studying grape varieties, growing regions, and wine-making. I truly love that she gives me great wine recommendations. Occasionally, though, I will venture out and grab a sale bottle of wine from the grocery store and hope for the best, which is exactly how I found my favorite red: Apothic Crush.

This luscious red blend has a rich, dark red cherry color and a deliciously fruity and floral aroma. The initial taste is smooth, slightly dry, and reminiscent of summer red cherries on the verge of peak sweetness. The lingering flavor is warm, with a velvety hint-of-caramel finish. My favorite go-to red, a bottle of Apothic Crush is always close at hand.

(Note: Sadly, this writer is not receiving endorsements or kickbacks from the vintner.)

As always, thank you to Two Writing Teachers for the chance to write!


  1. OK that was not where I thought this was going. You had me at caramel, but a different kind, LOL! I'll try the wine, though! :-) Christie @

  2. Thumbs up for solid sensory language & Teachers Write!

  3. You had me at smooth caramel finish! Hats off to a fellow wine nerd!

  4. I think you might have a future in writing for the wine industry!

  5. Sounds delicious! I was once at a wine tasting and a friend described the wine, which he liked, as tasting like pine duff. Okay...